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I've had shoulder surgery myself and certainly feel your pain. Regarding your questions, I'm not sure if your asking about shooting before or after your surgery, but would offer the following advice from my own experience. First, I wouldn't take drugs like hydrocodone and go out shooting period because I'm super drug sensitive and that just doesn't seem like a good, safe idea. Second, I wouldn't spend the money to have surgery and then go out and push myself hard afterward and risk damaging things further after surgical repair. But if what your considering is doing some shooting between now and the surgery date, I wouldn't hesitate in the least bit to take some OTC meds and push yourself as and as you are able. Once my surgery date was set for my shoulder I pretty much threw caution to the wind and did everything I was physically able to do. There's no reason after all to hold back if they're going to surgically repair it anyway. Just my opinion, YMMV.
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