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Breaking a Rule, Reholstering

Have had some training classes,,,watched some videos,,,read some books,,,and have some experience....All the experts seem to say when the threat is over,,,scan your area left and right for any other threats and then with your eyes downrange looking for danger you reholster your pistol without looking at the holster.

One thing is pretty obvious the experts would probably have you scan 360 degrees your entire perimeter for threats,,,and obviously you cannot do that at the range or in a class or in IDPA because you have people behind you,,,but in a real situation I would scan 360 degrees all around myself,,,would you?

The second point or rule I always break,,,I always look down at my handgun and holster while reholstering.....I have heard of too many people being shot or having an accidental discharge while reholstering,,,looking down at the handgun forces me to have my finger out of the trigger guard and to see that there are no obstructions that might accidentally get in the trigger guard and fire the gun,,,between the gun and the holster or in the holster. Considering the moving around,,,the cover you take,,,the positions you might get into and the things around you, in a possible confrontation, I consider this reasonable.

Well you say,,,you might get shot by looking down to reholster the handgun and I reply then you have not done a very good job of clearing the area and the handgun should not be reholstered until you are sure the area is clear and safe.

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