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Pax hit a couple of home runs on this thread...I agree with her that putting on a handgun when you wake up and carrying all day long until you go to bed,,,not only becomes habit,,,I would always carry my handgun in the house or out, just like I would not go out without my pants on...After years of routinely doing this it does not change your lifestyle at all,,,in fact it has improved mine, and your handgun is always there when you need it on your person, not in the other room or in the car or in the safe.

Her other point of logic in putting seeds of questions in a person's mind and letting them take it from there to draw their own conclusions instead of mentally strongarming them,,,should work with both females and males, very subtle and diplomatic,,,yet hopefully getting the desired results.

I do not answer the door or the phone,,,but I am not a recluse,,,and have a lifetime of Boy Scout Popcorn to prove it and my Wife and I have eaten a ton of Girl Scout cookies. I quess I just don't answer the door to adults and I have thought since I always look from a side window to see who it is,,,how I would handle a medical emergency....If a person looked like they had a medical emergency I would ask them through the closed and locked door what was wrong,,,and if they replied they needed medical help,,,I would pause and then tell them to stay where they were that I had just called 911 and an ambulance and the police were on the way....If they did not run off at that point,,,I would then call 911. As most people have cell phones these days and since I live in the middle of the city,,,the police, fire, hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, etc are all no more than five or ten minutes away.
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