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boattale, I completely understand the looks and forward mounted scope certainly aren't for everyone. I just get so bored with rifles that look like "grandad's ole aught six", then I also get bored of seeing suburban commando's super elite 50lb sniper rifle with a telescope mounted on the top. I don't find much utility in either of those extremes. (I know that's not what you were implying)

I do feel the scout rifle is ALL about utility though. I have even heard many people refer to it as a "utility rifle". I find utility in the concept of a light weight rifle, a magazine with greater capacity than 3, a picatinny rail, peep sights, short barrel, .308 (or 30-06...or any good sized and common ammo). But then again, I do not enjoy bench shooting for sub MOA. I get too bored, and I certainly get too bored when I have to reload every three or so shots. Oh, and did I mention Jeff Cooper is God
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