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Options for Wife's Personal Defense Pistol

My wife is very petite (5', 98lbs). She really struggles racking the Bersa Thunder I bought her and can't pull the trigger on the other pistols I have (either because she can barely reach the trigger or it is too hard to pull).

She doesn't want to carry (or store) the pistol with a round chambered or the slide open. Although I've worked with her on techniques to rack the gun, we've decided that if she is going to carry, she needs a pistol that she can EASILY handle.

So, here are the criteria:

1. Small pistol or trigger close to grip, so her fingers can reach
2. VERY VERY easy to rack
3. VERY light trigger
4. Magazine capacity at least 10 rounds
5. Preferably 9mm (don't worry, will be using Critical Defense or similar ammo to get the most stopping power out of caliber)
6. low recoil (so probably metal vs. polymer) -- say <5 ft-lbs
7. Manual Safety (she won't compromise on this)

#2 (and sometimes #3) is what I find very hard to determine from online research.

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