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If rim-lock is a real or common problem , why has the problem never surfaced before.
Rim lock has been a problem with some pistols ever since the round was created. It isn't a problem caused by faulty loading. You can't "induce" it. It occurs when the rounds are bouncing around and moving in the magazine. Some mags are designed to virtually eliminate the problem and some aren't. Most fixes involve filling up empty, unused space in the magazine. For example; CZ redesigned their CZ83 .32 mags, KelTec and Seecamp use spacers.

Rim lock can be a very serious matter because it renders the magazine useless and therefore a pistol useless unless another mag is handy. The CZ 83 would lock up so tight that the only way to clear it was to disassemble the mag.

Some of my .32s never exhibit the problem. My Walthers, Sig, Llama nor Seecamp ever wavered but others have.
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