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No, I don't take it into consideration all....

Picking a defensive weapon, if you choose to carry, is about picking the gun you shoot the best....( and that means what fits your hands the best ) ...and what you like in terms of controls, grip angle, trigger, caliber, for me, its a 1911...( 5" gun, in steel )...and sometimes I'll carry that gun in 9mm and sometimes in .45 acp..... in 9mm it'll have 147gr Hydra Shok ammo in it /230 gr Hydra Shok ammo in it if its a .45 acp...and I rarely carry an extra mag ( its Defense / its not a gunfight at the OK Corral )...

Don't overthink all the scenarios ....besides something may happen / that you've never thought of. You have to think and react ...and adapt...
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