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If you lung shoot a deer and give it some undisturbed time, it'll weaken and rest and usually pass on without moving too far. But..if you shoot and immediately make noise moving toward the deer you just shot, they'll run as long and as far as they can and die in midstride. Sometimes they can go a long way. Just give em 10 or 15 minutes before you start moving toward them. My grandfather said "take the time to smoke a cigarette before you go over there". I don't smoke, but I heard what he was saying.

And sometimes they just won't give it up. I shot a big buck right through the heart (determined by post-mortem exam) and that big rascal ran over 100 yards, crossing a very cold deep stream and into the biggest briar thicket that I know of. He was running fult tilt boogie till he died and he made a tremendous crash in the palmettos and briars.

So I'm saying, as others did, that there is no 'normal' when it comes to how far they go or if they go at all. The only normal in all of this is that if you shoot them through the lungs with a good bullet, they will die.
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