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^^ Yes.

And I was called in to be shown how the thing could not be made to fit (again, due to what seemed to be the larger spring that would not sit flush.) As he was showing me, he began to get some leeway, call it good timing/luckā€¦. He took the thing apart and put it back together, tweaking things for an hour plus while I was there alone. He had also watched APex's tutorials/videos to be sure he wasnt missing anything over the previous few days.

As a glock armorer for 30 years, he's quite capable, and been around a long time. Skill or ability was never a question.
We both are still not sure why it finally went together, or really, what was even the issue the entire time, other than the spring size (which is negated by everything inevitably working.)

The work ended up being no charge.
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