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New Marlin XS7 7mm-08 First Load Workup

Just done loaded up some new R-P brass with Reloader 17 and 150Gr. Sierra MK's. I did a round robin test with 5 shots at each charge weight each with it's own target (8 increments). The first stage I used to get the scope close enough to do the test. I got one fantastic group and the rest are mediocre . Actually starting at 44.4 and moving to 45.2 all the groups were good until the last round. I think fouling may have mussed me up a bit as I went 40 rounds without cleaning becuase I didn't want to have to refoul the bore. I guess I could push above 46Gr. to look for a higher accuracy node. But first I want to Chrono. the 45.2 and see where that's at and if it's acceptable.

Here's some shots of my rifle with it's new furniture.

Some nice figure on the forearm.

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