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That being said, I've wondered about the legality, and perhaps some of the more attuned memebers of the board can weigh in on it, of delibrating aiming for the knees, legs, feet whatever if a bad guy was wearing body armor.
Simple, you always, always, always shoot the stop the threat, period. Hitting flesh is a more effective means of stopping a threat than hitting kevlar.

Twobit, everything is situationally dependant but that is a great point.

I was thinking specifically of the movie theater. The way I imagine that scenario, the chl holder would possibly take concealment behind seats and the lower part of the threats body would likely be obscured by multiple rows of seats which could possibly have innocents behind them. At across the room distances, I feel pretty confident in my ability to hit a target the size of a man's head. It also helps that my ccw is a full size pistol. Yes, I do practice drawing from concealment in the same manner that I carry and firing rapidly. I believe it is important, not only for increasing my skill but knowing what I can and cannot do consistently. If I can't do something consistently at the range, I certainly don't expect to be able to do it in a life threatening situation.
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