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M&P Upgrade

Quick Review on a trigger upgrade for my Smith & Wesson M&P .40

I've never had a single malfunction with the gun in thousands of rounds. But the trigger is a little long on the reset, so I added the APEX tactical Duty/Carry Trigger.

$103.00 with tax and shipping.

I had the trigger put in professionally at a local GS. It took alot of work and fanagling to get everything in properly. It seemed to be due to the Apex trigger spring being larger/wider than the factory spring and not seating flush. After a great deal of work, it was put together.

I tried the gun out for the first time with the new trigger today, and it is a definite improvement. The over-travel (not the uptake) is gone. Follow up shots are quicker, and it just is all around much smoother. The only complaint I've heard with the M&P is the trigger, and this add-on seems to handle that issue, and then some.

So…..If you have an M&P, and want a little more out of the trigger, check out the APEX tactical trigger set(s). I will get to test the trigger pull weight on Monday, but it is supposed to be around 5.5lb according to Apex.

All around good purchase.
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