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Originally Posted by Bart B.
My wife bought me a new Unertl 1.5" 20X target scope for Christmas in 1969 costing about $120 as I remember. It was near the pinnacle of target scopes and on par with the Lyman 20X Targetspots.

The very best target scope of the late 1960's was a 20X one hand made by a retired USN Chief Warrant Officer (formerly chief petty officer opticalman) Al DiSimone (smallbore shooter) who made his own steel tube and lens mounts, used excellent glass from American Optical Company and Unertl external mounts. No other target scope made then was as clear, sharp and bright. The DiSimone cost about $200 back then.
Alrighty, well that would be equivalent to about $765 and $1275 today.

Does $765 or $1,275 come close to buying that comparative quality today?
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