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Originally Posted by TheNocturnus
My wife is a decent judge of character but a little naive when it comes to dealing with people at the door. I plan on having more discussions about this in the future and creating a plan in case something happens again.
My wife won't have anything to do with guns, either. I have offered to teach her to shoot, but she is adamant that guns are bad. Yet she acknowledges that she is nervous at home alone, especially if I have to work late or attend an evening meeting.

We do have an alarm, and she keeps that one when I'm not home. She won't open the door to a stranger, so that's a plus. That should be ground rule #1. For your wife, I would suggest that you install a two-way intercom to the front door. If possible, the indoor station should be somewhere that allows your wife to see who is at the door without them being able to see her -- or even know where she might be in the house.

You should also install a supplementary deadlock on the front and rear door. The best kind are the ones with a vertical bolt that locks the door half and the jamb half together, like this one from Lowe's:

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