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Salty, my own 4200 Elite seemed like a decent scope, as far as light transmission and clarity. But... it lasted fewer than 100 rounds on a .30-06, before its guts let go and the zero started wandering. By that time, the lens coatings had started to change color, as well - causing very strange color and clarity issues.

When I shipped it back to Bushnell, I opted for a refund, rather than repair/replacement. The Redfield Revolution that's now on that .30-06 was a substantial upgrade, in my opinion.

And, the same goes for a Bushnell-labeled Bausch and Lomb 3-9x I just replaced on my 77/22. The B&L was hazy, yellowed, had terrible light transmission, and the zero seemed to slowly continue drifting in the last direction the turret was adjusted (on a rimfire!).
It's a really sad day, when a Tasco Pronghorn out-performs a B&L in every way...

I trust Bushnell scopes until they fail. ...which usually doesn't takes less than one shooting trip. Then, they go in the "Bushnell" pile in my gun room.
Their best-selling line, the "Sportview" makes a fantastic reactive target.
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