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When I use 'heavier' production loads, I use Win. 9mm 147 gr. FMJTC. (USA9MM1).

Hollow Points do not always work as designed, and become modified 'fmjs'.
Why use FMJ? Is it because you believe JHP will just function like FMJ in certain circumstances? In a personal defense situation, there's really no good reason to go with FMJ.

They have to be used by the military. They aren't allowed to use JHP. I don't think (actually, I'm almost 100% certain of this now) there are any Law Enforcement agencies left in the country that use FMJ anymore, except possibly in certain SWAT type situations. They changed because the data showed the JHP perform better than FMJ in almost every circumstance. This is proven in both gelatin tests and real world situations.

As for me, I use Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P.
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