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Great, thanks for the info. Here is the serial number.


Alot of what I post asking questions about are guns I got from Grandpa after he passed. I was 8 when he passed and left them all to me, before I really knew anything about guns. My parents kept them till I got older and now in the last year or so I have really gotten into guns/buying/selling/collecting and I am trying to figure out what he gave me. Anything he gave me no matter how worthless wont ever be for sale, though.

In fact some of the guns he gave me my parents stored before we had a gun safe I was about 10 and we had a water problem in our old house and some of the long guns have light rusting and stuff. No one ever cared for them so a few years back (actually like 6) when I started shooting I took care of / cleaned them all took the pictures that I am posting and stored them back away.

As always I appreciate the good info from everyone here

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