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Dog is surprisingly well. Temps dropped to about 12 during the nights she was trapped, so she must have shivered herself silly. When my wife got her home (by way of the vet, of course - my wife is an RN and former vet tech and pre-vet major, so she's very health-conscious), the dog was so tired that she dropped on one of the dog beds in the kitchen, and didn't try to go upstairs to the bedroom for about a day.

I am pleasantly surprised, too, that she didn't get eaten while trapped - especially since she was caught in two traps, so she couldn't even pivot - and there are obviously bobcats in the area, not to mention at least two coyote packs, plus the occasional wandering cougar.

Insult to injury, according to the trapper's girlfriend, the trapper almost shot the dog, because when he approached her she hackled up and growled. The girlfriend intervened and sweet-talked the dog; they both realized how friendly she actually is once they got her unhooked, and the girlfriend told my wife it was difficult to give the dog up, after being around her for only a couple hours.

While I am not going to blame the guy for having trapped the dog, I would have gone ballistic if he'd shot my trapped dog. What about calling Animal Control or the Sheriff's department, or DOC? Seriously, there would have been very bad blood if that had happened...

As usual, this kind of thing happens when I'm in Afghanistan.

But the dog is home, healthy, and happy. My wife is happy - which is her normal state. She cried every day that dog was missing, which was made worse by the fact that I am not home.

I'll be home in a couple weeks, though. The wife and the dogs are due to get spoiled a bit.
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