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Couger in the morning

Last year in early fall we had a big cat in the open lot across the street from our house in Pierce County WA prowling around for a day or so. Two neighrbors reported seeing and thought it was "neat". Came down from the mountains looking for food no doubt. Kept the .12ga with slugs and OO near the door for awhile and the Colt 10mm on me most of the week. Lots been built on so have not seen it again. Should note the area is heavy built up around a lake and in a small town not out in the boonies..Black bears are common sights not far from us up near the lower White pass area. Hiking in the back country? .12ga pump shottie and .44 magie as a backup on the hip. Heavy loaded 10mm would be my second choice. Should also mention that last year in a nearby town home owner killed a black bear with a S&W .40 that decided to wonder up his indoor stairs towards the kids rooms after breaking through the kitchen door. Ya jest never know.
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