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Unclenick, I do things the old fashion way as I like to actually drop powder in a case measure distance from top of powder to case mouth then I load bullet in case said 3.330" measure bullet length subtract for bullet overall length so that tells how far bullet is seat into the case.

I didn't have any 7mm 140gr TTSx which their length according to Barnes site is 1.362" and your are right they are long. My wife's 280AI she shoots a 150gr TSX which little longer than the 140gr 1.400"

Like I said I had little over 1/2" till top of powder (57gr)from case mouth again using 3.330" I'd seat that TSX 150gr bullet .670" into the case. A Rem new 280 case if you fill to top case mount with H-4831 it take 66.2gr and Win case take 67gr.

My neighbor had some IMR-4831 so we check case capacity and the Win took 64.5gr Rem 63.8gr.

I loaded 54.5gr/IMR-4831 in the Rem case and I could seat 150gr TSX with not problems

I load out of the manual so I know nothing of QL. I used my short funnel if I used the longer one it would of been little better.
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