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Check traps, please

Just a quick reminder, if you have traps set, please check them daily.

One of my dogs got loose the other day, and my wife could not find her. Turned out she wandered into a Department of Conservation hunting area, and found a couple bobcat jaw traps. Got caught by her left front paw in one, and her right rear in another.

She spent three days in those traps, before the trapper came by to check his line.

I'm not trying to make a huge stink - it isn't his fault my dog got into his trap line, and his girlfriend found my wife's number on our dog's tag, and called my wife.

BUT, whether it's somebody's dog, or a bobcat, or a coyote, it's really bad form to let any animal spend multiple days caught in a trap. If you are going to set traps, please check them.
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