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sorry to throw an iron into the fire, but with regard to the "kicking in the bathroom door" thing...

.45 auto says he believes in a layered defense. That's great. So do I, so does Mas Ayoob, and so does the DOD. (I was an aircraft carrier Tactical Action Officer and carrier battle group Force Over the Horizon Track Coordination officer at one time, if you want to talk layered defense...)

The thing is, if .45 auto has a layered defense akin to mine, which is really fairly basic, then a beeper will go off when somebody opens an exterior entry; dogs will bark if somebody enters the house (and probably before they actually get to the house); and the entry points are locked.

Oh, yeah, the two 60lb dogs might be a bit of a distraction and delaying action for the intruder(s), too. The Jack Russell, not so much, but she's more of an early warning system.

So, if I'm in the shower, the odds are nobody will get near the bathroom door to kick it in. I should have some lead time.

If, on the other hand, .45 auto expects a goblin to get to his bathroom door while he's in the shower, then he really does not have any semblance of a layered defense.

Meanwhile, I agree with you and Constantine. I just put one on as a matter of course, and then I don't have to think about it.

I don't play the lottery, and I don't try to guess when I might really need a gun.
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