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Yes, but mine are not that sophisticated..../ and don't look that good...

I use heavy-durable plastic storage bins, with lids, ----each one is marked:

a. "Shotgun parts" (extra choke tubes, Hi Viz beads, extra trigger shoes, etc)

b. "1911's" (springs, grips, conversion kits, manuals, whatever )

c. " S&W Revolvers" (specialty tools, extra grips, manuals, etc )

d. " Sig Sauer " ( springs, conversion kits, manuals, etc )

e. "All Other Guns" ( stray guns like a Buckmark, High Standards, lever action rifles, stuff I don't have a lot of ).....

f. "Holsters" ...(ones I don't use / which is a pretty big box ... )...

g. Cleaning Stuff...( extra patches, extra solvents, etc )....

and they have a shelf - where I stack them up and out of the a corner of my shop...

and I have a "shooting box" ....that goes with me to the range...with stuff that I might need when I'm 30 or more miles from home....extra choke tubes, cleaning kit, extra glasses, extra ear plugs, extra gloves, screw driver set, etc..../ it lives permanently on a shelf in the garage - and gets thrown into the SUV - along with shells, etc...every time I go to range.
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