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The Lyman kit shown is only a 10 lb. pot plus you are paying more for the ingot mould you wont need as a starter and for a tube of their moly grease you may opt not to use as you dont have a lubesizer press. Check e-bay under outdoor sports-hunting-reloading for a used 20 lb. pot and a cheap but user friendly Lee ladle. If you have a 2nd hand store/thrift shop around get a hot plate ( to pre heat and maintain heat in moulds ) and a couple of the older ( not silvery colored ) small muffin pans to make your ingots . Go to Rotometals and order your casting thermometer, same as RCBS but less money. Check out pan lubing bullets on line and Lee push through sizer dies as the cheapest way short of Lee tumble lubeing available to lube your casts.
Lee moulds are cheaper by far than the others as are aluminum vs. steel and if you follow Lees instructions to prep the mould first work nicely.
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