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It might be better to call them arms, as in SAAMI (Sporting Arms, etc.), and that's the closest word that means the same thing as weapon. But I guess they could be a tool, too.

Remember the old B-westerns (if you're old enough) when the sheriff was nailing the wanted poster to a tree by pounding it with the butt of his revolver. Those were real Colt revolvers, too.

Mustard and custard!

It's still a firearm even when unloaded and it's not empty if there are still cartridges in the magazine--whether or not the chamber is loaded. If you don't think so, well, tell it to the judge.

But things do change. There is a fairly well known German purveyor of arms and outdoor goods, rather like Cabellas, Franconia, used to be called Waffen Franconia, or I think they were. Wonder if they thought the word Waffen (arms) was bad or, more likely, too narrow.
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