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I live in Washington State and it is an excellent State to live.

Regarding gun laws; open carry is allowed (nevertheless not recommended in Seattle), Class 3 items are prohibited for civilians except suppressors. We don't have a waiting time to purchase a gun if we have a CCL. No assault rifle nor hi cap mags restriction. Washington is a shall-issue state regarding CCL. We have Castle Doctrine however you can't use lethal force against someone only because he trespassed. An imminent risk of deadly attack or severe bodily damage is required. I think it differs from other Castle Doctrine states with this perspective.

In terms of outdoor sports, IMHO Washington one of the most beautiful states in USA, with forests, mountains, and ocean. You can hike, bike, ski, snowboard, sail, mountain climb (Mt Rainier one of the highest summits in country). I think only a few states would have this combination.

In terms of rain, I can agree with some comments disagree with other. In Seattle, it doesn't rain too much. Maybe as much as Miami or New York. But the problem here, it is frequently cloudy if even there is no rain, except summer. In summer we have a good number of sunny days. This summer we had almost 3 months of sunny days. But yes, sometimes, specially during autumn and winter we miss the sunlight.

Other big pro for Washington is, we have no state tax which is an excellent thing. Also Washington is second well educated state in USA following Massachusetts, also with not so elevated crime rate.

After last election, gay marriage and recreational use of marijuana have been legalized as well, but I can't comment on these as I am not gay nor I smoke pot

Housing prices in Tacoma are relatively cheaper than Seattle. Tacoma is a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. If I wouldn't work in downtown, I would consider to live there.

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