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Zippy, I'll repeat--the problem is simple.

Your slide is running too fast, and is causing the rounds to nosedive into the feed ramp.

This is caused by a heavier than normal recoil spring.

If you have a factory weight recoil spring, the problem can be caused by weak magazine springs. If you do have a relatively new factory weight spring (16-16.5 lb.), change your magazine spring to the Wolff extra power magazine spring.

I carry a Colt Enhanced 1911 for a duty gun Because I run a constant diet of +P 230 grain duty rounds through it, I change my magazine springs every 6 months. I also use a Wolff 18 lb. spring. My magazines are all CMC Shooting Star magazines--which, incidentally, are the OEM magazines for Colt now. My pistol runs like a Swiss watch.

Give it a try!
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