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yes, some people did have 2nd barrels for some guns.....if they had the money. But in a lot of blue collar families, at least mine, back in the day ...spending more than $50 on any gun, would have been considered just plain stupid -----many shotguns, etc were acquired as a trade - for meat, firewood, etc ....or passed down in the family if someone passed away.

My grandfather went duck hunting a lot on sunday mornings...( to get away from grandma probably...) ...but also to provide for sunday dinner...( and maybe the season was open, maybe not..don't really know what the game laws were then...) and from the time I was 5 or 6, I went along often....but I don't think he ever took more than 10 shells in his hunting coat...because he only wanted 2 ducks for dinner../ and while we ate a lot of duck ....I'm pretty sure he only fired 50 or so shells a year....and he'd be absolutely shocked to hear today, that I fire 200 or more shells a week..../ it was a different time....and he was a "meat hunter".

and I realize there were cutts compensators, poly chokes, etc ....and even back in the day, there were some sub-gague tube sets being made for guys that had the money - as competition skeet shooters...

...but I was trying to give a new shooter a perspective, on what is most common these days, and why we use them ...vs what was common in the 50's and 60's ...

I hear this question come up quite a bit in gunshops...because guys don't really know what chokes are for....or that some guns, especially on the used market, still have barrels with fixed chokes. Its a common question -- why do I need chokes, what chokes should I buy, what shells to use, gun shops and my clay target club..../ a lot of new shooters just haven't been around this stuff....
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