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If I had a favorite I'd only have one. 30-06 bought in the 70 will do anything necessary in the field. Custom 308 will pinch one hole all day long but it's way to heavy to carry. Little CZ 527 in .223 shots like a dream but I wouldn't try taking anything larger than a Yote with it. Savage Mk II is fun for punching a tiny hole at 50 yards all day long. Sig 552 punches tiny holes too and spits out .22 LR as fast an you can pull the trigger. Browning Lever .22 LR will take cans off the berm at 100 all day long is nostalgic and fun. And then there's the BEAST. Marlin 1895 45/70. It's fun to shoot but you don't want to bench it for hours on end and with a scope on it it's a little heavy for a leaver gun, but I'd take it anywhere none the less. I couldn't part with any of them.

Actually, my Remington 870 12 Gauge that was purchased in the early 70s, that has has been dropped in the mud, swimming for hours in the water in the bottom of the Perough (? spelling) "ditch boat", has dozens of cases of 2 3/4 high brass through it over years, has taken deer, more ducks, rabbits, squares, doves, Wood Cock on and on and clay pigeons than I could ever count, has never failed to go bang and never needed more than cleaning is by far my favorite... but you said rifle.
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