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The light doesn't seem to bother them, but I don't turn it on till I think they are close. In dry stuff you can hear them coming. I usually blink it on and see if I see eyes.

The light originally had a 6volt h3 bulb but I replaced it with a 12 h3 motorcycle bulb and use a 12 volt feeder battery in a fanny pack. I had to replace the battery after 2 or 3 years.

The safety on the mini is a little loud but it most times makes them stop and look to see what the sound is.

I had the wood stock originally and i liked it, but it was showing alot of wear because i use the rifle several times a week, so i ordered one directly from ATI. ATI will make different colored stocks on request but it takes a couple of weeks to get them. They don't make colors as part of their regular production run.(I contacted customer service and found this out after it failed to ship after I ordered it)
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