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Like Constantine, I carry every day, from the time I get dressed until the time I go to bed at night. It's a habit, in the same way that putting on your shirt is a habit. Sure, you could walk around without it all the time, but it's just as easy to put it on and forget about it. Carrying the gun is my default setting, that's all.

Want to know what I think would be a miserable way to live? For me -- and of course this will be different for others because people are all different -- it would be emotionally unhealthy to carry the gun "sometimes." That would mean that when I got dressed in the morning, instead of just putting the gun on my belt before I put my shoes on, I would instead be thinking something like, How dangerous will my life be today? Will I be going anywhere that I might have to shoot someone? What's the crime rate like in that neighborhood? Was there a recent murder, a rape, a violent assault? Will I have to kill someone today?

Instead of dwelling on nasty stuff like that, I just get dressed.

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