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I'm not gonna say that revolvers have stopped changing but evolving might indicate improvement which may not be the case. Locks, worse trigger, worse fit and finish, poor designs, poor ideas, etc has actually produced products that are inferior in many ways to revolvers of 40-50 years ago. Let's face it, all guns have limitations. You can only do so much, only make them so strong, only go so light, only go so big, only stuff so many rounds in em, etc. What really can be done to make a revolver better? Changes came fast and easy in the early years of revolvers because there were lots of improvements to be made. Get's dang hard as time passes though. Rhino has tried, so has Taurus, Ruger, S&W but are they really better or innovative? For that matter, we're getting close to the point of being able to ask the same question of semi-auto's.

Manufactures have to keep changing things to offer new and so-called innovative things to the market. Doesn't mean the crap they are throwing at the wall is stickin.

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