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While you'll probably get a lot of PT1911 haters chiming in I'm not one of those, I've had my stainless PT1911 since 2008 and to date have over 19K rounds through it with out any uncommon 1911 failures being mostly ammo related, I have kept all the original fire control parts which are made through a MIM process which some detest, but in intervals of about every 3K rounds I strip the 1911 down and inspect all the parts under magnification and I haven't found any excessive wear on the parts, though my PT1911 did suffer the infamous ambi-thumb safety failure for which Taurus sent me a replacement safety within a 5 day period, my experience with their customer service has been positive and prompt, I can honestly recommend the PT1911 and would not hesitate to buy another one, I believe that the PT1911 offers the most bag for your buck in the industry, good luck to you.

shoot safe, shoot straight, and have fun

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