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I use a Stoegor Condor and a Rossi Circuit Judge. The Stoeger has no external hammers and a single trigger. Makes 2 very quick shots. The Rossi is a 5 shot, double action, revolving rifle. I load the Stoegor with 12 gauge Winchester #4 3 inch shells and the Rossi with Federal 000 3 inch shells. Sometimes I use Hornady LeveRevolution .45 Colts.

I prefer long guns for home defense. Seems to be easier for me. When funds permit I'm buying mini sabot slugs for my rifled Mossberg.
I don't like the idea of using rifle cartridges for home defense. Over penetration is very possible. A piece of paneling, insulation, thin aluminum, and 15 feet is all that is between me and my neighbor.
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