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RCBS Chargemaster question

UPS man delivered mine yesterday and last night I ran a few test loads and was ecstatic with it's performance. This morning I decided to load 25 rounds to top off my ammo box for a range trip. I let it warm up for 1/2 hour and started throwing charges of 41.0 grains of 4350. Being cautious with a new piece of gear I had my 5-0-2 scale set up to double check it and found it throwing charges 2 grains off.

Now here is the weird part. If I leave the little transparent cover off it throws a perfect charge every time, if I close the cover it throws charges of 43.0 plus or minus a tenth or two when set to 41.0 grains. I did 25 rounds with the cover open and double checking the charges on the balance beam and every one was spot on. Close the cover and it throws 43 grain charges.

I am still happy as heck with my purchase since it made rifle rounds using stick powder a joy to load compared to the dip and trickle method. Did those 25 rounds in a single setting of less than a hour and a good portion of that hour was head scratching over the cover closed overcharges. I guess my question is whether this normal for this machine? Do any other owners of this machine experience this or is mine just odd in some way. Gut instinct tells me the cover should be closed for draft prevention but mine seems to only work correctly with the cover open.
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