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The OP is about finding better words to make your point and or arguement .

Maybe it just me but I'm not seeing why calling a gun a firearm and not a weapon is bad while trying to articalate a message . It is in fact calling a spade a spade. Yes I do believe a gun , firearm is a weapon to inflicting bodily harm or physical damage and to gain an advantage or to defending oneself in conflict or contest .

I believe that is the issue here . When one says firearm you don't istantly think of hurting or damaging something but when you say weapon , that's what you are saying because that is the actual definition of the word weapon .

Someone wrote earlier that even if a gun was purpose built for target shooting it is still a weapon because its original design is still a gun and firearm . This is why wording matters . Is it not one of our biggest pet peeves that the semi auto AR15 is not an assault rifle . Using the same logic . It is an assault rifle because although purpose built not to be an assault rifle it still is derived from the same platform and design as an assault rifle there for it is an assault rifle . I may not have worded the perfectlly but I'm sure you get the point .
Tolerate- allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of something that one does not necessarily like or agree with , without interference.
If you have some time IMO this is worth a listen/watch but it takes a few minutes to really get going . or a picture of Mohamed
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