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Favorite 7mm Rem Mag Loads

Have a Rem 700 in this caliber...I don't hunt and regular ammo was getting too costly to shoot much so I tried cast bullets. This caliber is notoriously difficult with I was warned. The Lee 125 and the RCBS 168 grain with Unique powder loaded to about 1,700 FPS. After some trial and error I was popping a 4" steel plate at 200...then 250..then 350 yards regularily with it. I found that the 168 grain bullett was a bit more accurate, but I stayed with the Lee 125 grainer using 15.0 of Promo...finally I had a load that was as good as with the heavier bullet.

I use Std primers and make my own aluminum GC's & bullet Lube. The key is to seat the bullets out long to engage the leade, when chambered. I also load single shot style to get the optimum alignment.

Lots of fun clanging steel with this load..easy on the rifle, shoulder, & your pocketbook....also doesn't damage the steel plate as a jacketed bullet will do.
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