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I've been using the Berry 158 gr. RNF bullet in my 357 mag target/plinker loads and haven't had any problem with them at this time. I did order some of their 150 gr. RNF bullets for my 30-30 and had a similar problem as UncleLoodis. I have never had a problem with lack of neck tension loading for 30-30 Win until I loaded the 30-30 bullets from Berry. Many of the bullets could be pushed into the case with hand pressure on the bullet. I got my mike out and measured 50 random bullets out a box of 250. I found of the 50 I measured 20% were smaller than .308. These bullets were not mis-marked they were mis-manufactured. I neck size my 30-30 cases using the Lee Neck Sizing Die and solved the problem by reducing the size of a spare mandrel for the die. This allowed me to size down the case enough to grip the bullet. It looks like they may be having some quality issues. Just my experience with them.
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