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Suppose I could sign on to the concept of using my firearm as a weapon if need be.

TX calls it a CHL (concealed handgun license). Because that's all it is while its sitting on your hip. Just a handgun. When you draw it if attacked...then you are employing your handgun as a weapon for defense.

My biggest issue is that we don't come off as aggressors and much of the language used is that aggressive language. Should we appear to the public as well armed for defense? Sure. This issue of saying if you want to modify our language being akin to other nations losing their gun rights trying to hide behind sporting and hunting is just a red herring. If we had some gun owners logo tying us all could very well be a triangle with sides labeled (hunting-defense-sport). This isn't about pretending that firearms aren't tools by which we can perpetrate violence.

My point is that we as a community/culture need to not appear as hostile. We need to appear and appeal to others as normal. Wanting to defend yourself and your loved ones is totally normal and nearly universal. (Note I said "wanting to", not willing to)

So if we appear to the public as "that guy" you see at the range. Or "that guy" at the gun shop/show. And we speak in an aggressive language about what should be normal. Then we are marginalizing ourselves and our cause and for what to inflate our egos with some militaristic machismo?
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