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You guys with your 100% guns are living in a fairy tale world.Because all weapons can fail it is a fact of life.Practice your mal function drills and don't be caught with your pants down.Even revolvers can fail be prepared.My suggestion is to practice your mal functon drills and always carry a back up.
+1 academy training agrees. lol

I swap it out until I can diagnose and fix the problem. Your G19 seems to just need a new ejector.

Once that is done, I put about 200 rounds downrange to make sure the problem is fixed and carry it again.

*I had the same problem with my G19. I replaced it with an M&P9 and now switch between carrying each, and throw a 1911 into the mix quite often as well.

Really? It's only about 1,000 rounds old. Seems right through..

Definitely test fire the hell out of my guns before I carry them for CCW or any other reason.

lol you sound like me. 2 9mm's and 1/2 .45's in my cycle as well.
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