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Originally Posted by JohnKSa
High-pressure sales persons are taught that people are reticent to be rude and are also taught use people's politeness against them.

Learning to deal effectively with people who won't take no for an answer is good practice for dealing with confrontational criminals who often use similar tactics to close with a victim.
I've dealth with contracted sales and service personnel, and hardly ever with someone with serious criminal intent, but what they have in common is a desire to take something that isn't theirs.

What a salesman wants that isn't his is the courtesy we extend in social settings. His context isn't social. In dealing with this problem, it can be difficult to teach some people (my wife especially included) that social courtesy isn't appropriate for cold call salesmen.

I don't take any pleasure in being rude to a salesman or anyone else. However once they have been directed to cease communication, they should only be issued instructions, not engaged in further conversation.
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