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In my career I have carried 38spl, 357Mag, 9mm & a 1911a1 45 auto.. If I was to choose today I would carry a Sig 226 in 357Sig or 40 S&W.

Admire your ranks and what you've accomplished greatly. Therefore your opinion matters much to me.

Where I was hired we were issued Glock 22's which you know is a .40S&W.

I used to love that round until I began with 9mm and .45 exclusively. Sold off most of my .40's with an exception of two for the reason of being more accurate with the 9mm and .45.

Also, from my opinion..with marginal performance differences.

My point is, with your history...Why would you move from 9mm, .45, 38spl (which you had good ballistic performance outcome with)

And move to supersonic rounds like .40 and .357SIG?
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