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S&W, Colt, Ruger and other manufacturers have made revolvers that can fire the .32 S&W long cartridge. A firearm that can chamber the .327 Federal Magnum can fire the 32long as can one chambered in .32 H&R magnum.

If you had a handgun chambered in .327 Fed or .32 H&R mag, you would have the versatility of a more powerful (but louder) cartridge when you wanted it and the ability to shoot quieter .32 longs or .32 S&W. .32 ammo isn't as easy to find on store shelves as it once was and can be expensive if you don't reload.

Here is an example of a J frame Smith for sale in .32 S&WL, here is a Charter Arms in .32 Mag which can also shoot .32L and here is a Taurus in .327 federal that can shoot .32 mag and .32 long.

.32 S&W and .32 S&W long cartridges don't have a lot of power and they still make more noise than pepper spray but they make less noise than most other cartridges.
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