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Do you know how much bend that barrel had to have if this is what needed to be done? Putting that barrel on a granite gauging table would have shown a 1/5 inch or more gap between its ends at the middle as it was rolled on that surface. I can't imagine a 'smith chambering or crowning such a barrel; it would wobble his lathe quite noticable. Much less the barrel maker who would have to have seen its condition as he made and finished it.

My question is, why did the barrel maker let that out of his shop?
All good questions I cannot answer. I don't know if the hole was horribly offset, I doubt it or the gunsmith would have said something. Maybe it was due to stresses in the barrel.

I have a 6.5 Swede Military rifle that has the barrel heats up the point of impact moved up something like 18" at 100 yards. I rebedded the thing, opened the space between the forend and barrel, may have shot it in a different stock, the barrel still walks.

I have not taken the barrel off the thing but I am thinking of sending it to a cryo treatment shop in the hope that might fix it.
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