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not me


I want nothing to do with a deer (or turkey) that's been behavior modified (remember that Pavlov guy?) to come to certain spot to eat. Legal or not.

Might as well shoot one in a pen.
I agree with this all the way.

I started deer hunting in 1970 and have never used or relied on artfical attractants of any kind to have a successful hunt.

To me it's about fair chase, finding the deer in their natural habitat and hunting them, it's the hunt I enjoy.
If I just wanted to kill deer I could shoot one off my deck.

I did not buy a buck tag just a doe tag, I've killed my share of nice bucks and quit hunting antlers years back.

This year has been extremly tough hunting in our neck of the woods.

Besides the severe drought were in, farming practices that's ripping out most of the cover, additional hunting pressure because of people being out of work with excess time on their hands, another exceptionally warm winter, we are also fighting two diseases (blue tongue and CWD) that have depleted our deer herds to lower numbers.

The lower numbers makes for a more challenging hunt and to add to the challenge I've relied more on still hunting techniques and not stand hunting.

I've passed up a few shots that I did not care to take.
If I fill my tag there will be meat in the freezer, if not I'm not going to starve to death.

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