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If you're car throws a check engine light or even breaks down over the life of it not many people would sell it instantly. I fully understand that a gun is different and held to a much higher standard but, that said, they are both mechanical devices with a known and acceptable failure rate. Your acceptable rate may be above or below the median for each of those different machines but they are both machines plain and simple.

False analogy.

You use your car every single day. You don't with your gun.

If you want to use that type of analogy. Use it with the air bag. Don't use it every day. It's there just in case you need it. Same as a gun.

Comparing a gun to a car is false.

Comparing a car to a safe is more like it.

Again, airbag. Don't always use it..There when you may need it. You pray to whatever you hold sacred to not ever need it.
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