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I would have done this different and the same

I would have wasted less time, watching, thinking, dreaming and more doing. I would have had more courage to fail. Would have been more patient and followed my brain more than my heart.

As far as guns. Wouldn't have purchased my GP100 great gun no use for it. Would have got a 6" 44 instead of a 4". Would have bought a browning a-5 or gold hunter instead of a remmington 1187. Would have stayed with smooth bore and not have to keep messing with sabots that every 3 years are not made anymore. I would have bought my leopold vary 2 2-7. 20 years later still works.

Now looking at Marlin 30-30 and have decided to drive 300 miles round trip to bey a 308 BLR or BAR (will decide at the store). (none around here, and I mean NONE!) Otherwise I will be always wishing I spent the extra 300-500.

Mostly I would have spent more time with my kids when they wanted to spend time with me. I spent lots of time with them but I could have done more.. you can't ever spend enough time with your kids in my opinion. Now its..."Hey dad.. see ya Da.. 16 and 18 yrs.

I would have also bought a motorcycle back when I really wanted it.\

Would have studied harder and kept in Math and Sciences instead of Law School.. Would have eaten more veggies, brushed my teeth more and kept my life a little simpler and listened to my own inner compass more. Other than that all was and is great. Oh yea, Skipped 1st wife. Still not married again but I have a great girl going on 8 years.. Keeping her.
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