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I have my great, great grandfather's Winchester model 92 rifle in 44 WCF caliber (44-40). It was made in 1895. He was a pioneer rancher on the Texas border near Del Rio (the Mexican border) and carried this rifle almost twenty years horseback working his ranch. Those were rough and unsettled times with many cattle and horse thieves still raiding the Texas ranches from across the river. The rifle has eight distinct old notches cut into the fore end. The family story passed down about those notches is 'those were men that needed killin'.

At that time (1895-1915), and in that rough, barely settled area of Texas, many ranchers often had to use deadly force to protect what was theirs. He was no gunslinger, just a rancher. As far as we know he did not regularly wear pistols (peacemakers). I was able to get some of this information directly from my Great Uncle before he died. He said his daddy (my great,great, grandfather) was on horseback nearly daily, and that the rifle was always in a scabbard tied to the saddle. He (great uncle) knew for certain what those notches meant, because he was a kid of about ten years old when the last two notches were added after a band of 'banditos' tried to steal some of their livestock. Great Uncle was born in 1899 so that happened around 1909--1910.
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