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Here's something else to consider. The concealed carry permit in Arizona is called a Concealed Weapons Permit. If guns aren't weapons, does that mean this card only allows me to conceal a sword? Or a knife? Or a dagger or something?

No! It's purpose is to allow me to carry a gun to use in the defense of myself and my family. There you have a government entity called a gun what it is...a weapon.

As has been said before, sanitizing the name of something (in this case, weapons) only helps the other side. It does nothing to help us. The constitution protects our right to bear arms (which has already been defined earlier in the thread as weapons and ammunition. If we call it something else, we're just asking for it to become even more controlled.

"Oh, we're not taking away your weapons, we're just heavily regulating your sporting equipment because it's dangerous! There's precedent...remember when we (the CPSC) banned lawn darts?"

I may call them many things, but the bottom line is, my guns are weapons.
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