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One Rifle Days:
In the early 60's, I had a glass-bedded, Bishop-Picher stocked, Savage 30-06 with a 2.5x Weaver that was used for all CF shooting/hunting. Then, I sold it and bought a .22-250, bedded, Rem ADL that was used for everything, including killing a few deer, shooting lots of varmints, fun at the range, and winning lots of turkey shoots.
Today, I can't have just one centerfire rifle for everything, because I've built a more specialized small collection to cover various game, varmint, and range use.

For longer-range deer hunting, my favorite is a Rem stainless 700 BDL, .270 Win, HS Precision stock, Leupold 3-9X VXII.

For large varmints, I favor the 1980s vintage Rem 700 ADL, Pac-Nor barreled, pillar bedded, .243 Win, with 2.5 - 10x scope. (Also used by grandkids for deer hunting.)

For walkabout general hunting, I like my new Tikka T3 Lite, .243 Win, with Leupold VX2. (This is also used for deer hunting by some of my grandkids.)

For smaller and/or shorter range varmint and range use, Tikka 595, pillar-bedded, .223 Rem with 4.5-14X Mueller. This one goes to the range often and is the most accurate/fun CF rifle I own (1/4 minute with handloads).
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